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How To Choose Baseball Cleats and Spikes

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Did you know Ty Cobb would sharpen his cleats in front of the opposing team to intimidate the opponent before games? He was also known to slide into a base with those razor sharp cleats pointed at the nearest body part of the tagging player as well. We’re pretty sure those kind of actions will get you arrested in this era but cleats are still a very important part of the game. Let’s find out how to choose baseball cleats.

Baseball cleats come in many different types, styles, and brands. The most common types of baseball cleats are metal, molded, and also a baseball turf shoe with styles in low, mid, and high. Each of those is available in adult and youth sizes. Brands that focus on baseball shoes include Reebok, Verdero, Mizuno, Under Armour, Easton and of course Nike.

Under Armour Metal Baseball Cleats

How do you select a baseball cleat? There are many different reasons you’ll choose one type of baseball spikes over another but the first place to look is the league in which you play. Most leagues have rules in place on what types you can wear and a lot of that will have to do with the type of field. Grass and dirt fields will most likely require a metal cleat while turf fields may require indoor molded cleats or turf shoes.

A lot of youth leagues require a rubber or plastic youth baseball cleats. Sometimes teams will require you buy a baseball shoe in a color that matches the team uniform. Metal cleats will provide the best traction but always check with the league or team prior to making a purchase.

Comfort is of course a big factor when you buy baseball cleats. Be sure to get a shoe that leaves enough room so you can wiggle your toes but not so loose where you may lose a shoe while running down a line drive.

Some baseball cleats have spike add-on and that’s something to consider when making your purchase. Screw-in baseball spikes can be added for additional traction and since they’re screw-in, you can easily replace them should they wear down.

Reebok Baseball Spikes - High N Tight

You’ve learned nearly everything there is to know about baseball cleats, spikes, and turf shoes. Now it’s time to go out and find a pair that works for you. Baseball Rampage carries Verdero, Reebok, Under Armour baseball cleats, Easton, and Mizuno baseball shoes in nearly any size, color, or option you could ever need. Earn RampageBucks Rewards with every purchase with free shipping over $99.

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