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Akadema Gloves and Anderson Bats – Spring Gear Review

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

This episode of the 2010 Spring Gear Review covers Anderson Bats, Anderson Fastpitch Bats, and Akadema Gloves.

An Anderson bat is hugely popular among youth and senior league players. The Anderson Techzilla is the biggest selling bat by this brand with the Pyrotech right behind it. Techzilla uses their patented Groove Optimized System, a grooved ring around the end of the barrel, combined with a Lexan Bullet Proof Cap to widen the sweet spot and increase batting average.

Anderson Techzilla Baseball Bat

Buy an Anderson softball bat if you’re looking to increase comfort and performance. The RockeTech is the fastest selling Anderson fastpitch bat in their lineup. Patented Power-Arch Multi-Wall construction gives this bat maximum elasticity giving you more power upon contact. RockeTech bats are not subject to ASA’s composite bat performance limitations!

Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bat

Akadema is a leader among high quality glove manufacturers. An Akadema glove is game ready right when you begin to use it. Their gloves are extremely light with maximum flexibility and durability for both comfort and longevity.

Akadema Baseball Glove

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about Anderson bats and Akadema gloves, shop Baseball Rampage or Softball Rampage and save with free shipping over $99 and receive RampageBucks Rewards with every order.

Nokona Baseball and Softball Gloves – Spring Gear Review

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Nokona Baseball and Softball Gloves are a great second edition to the Spring Equipment Series 2010. Nokona produces some of the finest ball gloves including many with various leathers not used by any other manufacturer of baseball and softball gear. Nokona also produces quality bats along with glove repair and protection products. Shop Baseball Rampage for Nokona gloves on sale or keep reading to find out more about Nokona gloves.

Nokona Softball Gloves are a big hit for fastpitch and slowpitch players. Part of the Nokona classic series, the Nokona AMG175-W-FP 12 Inch Walnut Softball Glove is currently the best selling Nokona brand softball glove at Made of walnut tanned leather, this glove is highly durable yet allows the flexibility and comfort level needed to perform your best.

Nokona 12 Inch Walnut Slowpitch Softball Glove AMG175-W-FP

Followed closely by the AGM175-W-FP is the Nokona AMG650-K-FP 13 Inch Buckaroo Softball Glove. Designed for female fastpitch players, the AMG650-K-FP is made from Buckaroo leather which combines kagaroo hide on the back with sturdy cowhide leather in the palm. Its lightweight, durable construction make it one of the most sought after fastpitch gloves on the market.

Nokona Female Fastpitch Softball Glove AGM650-K-FP

The top of the line Nokona AMG400-K-CW 14 Inch Kimera softball glove is the summit of premium softball equipment. Designed for the serious player, the Kimera AMG400 is backed by sturdy, lightweight Kangaroo leather and the palm is made from Horween oiled leather providing stability and control. Closed web, Closed back.

Nokona 14 Inch Kimera Softball Glove AMG400-K-CW

Baseball players are just as lucky to find a wide range of quality Nokona ball gloves readily available. Nokona ball gloves have the same premium materials, quality craftmanship, and leading design features as their softball counterparts. Check out some of our best selling Nokona Baseball Gloves.  

Nokona 11.5 Inch Infield Baseball Glove AMG1150W-CW combines soft kangaroo leather with durable cowhides to create the perfect glove for flexibility and performance. Designed with the elite player in the mind, the AMG1150W-CW uses a closed web pattern with availability for both lefties and righties.

Nokona 11.5 Inch Infield Baseball Glove AMG1150W-CW

Nokona AMG1200W-CW 12.00 Inch Walnut Glove is made from a high end walnut cowhide. The breathable leather allows the glove to retain it’s shape. Great for mid to high end baseball players.

Nokona 12.00 Inch Walnut Baseball Glove AMG1200W-CW

Nokona AMGFB-SX 12.5 Inch 1st Base Mitt is from Nokona’s popular Pro-Line series made from sandstone leather and combined with buckskin to offer the best of both materials. A clean nice look along with high quality construction, the AMGFB-SX is one of the best selling first base mitts regardless of manufacturer. Can easily be used for both baseball or softball.

Nokona 12.5 Inch First Base Mitt AMGFB-SX

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about leading Nokona baseball and softball gloves, get Nokona gloves cheap online at Baseball Rampage or Nokona softball gloves at Softball Rampage with free shipping over $99 and RampageBucks Rewards.

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