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Rawlings and the Iron Man

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

The Baltimore Business Journal reports youth baseball players will soon be receiving leading training gear from the Iron Man himself. Rawlings has announced a partnership with Ripken Baseball to start producing youth training equipment. No details have been released on what types of products or when the items will be released to the general public. It’s safe to say that any equipment with the Cal Ripken name are sure to be geared towards helping kids become high performance ball players.

Rawlings baseball equipment will soon include “Five Tool” training gear designed and influenced by Ripken baseball to help develop hitting for average, hitting for power, running speed, arm strength, and fielding ability. Stay tuned to Baseball Rampage as we’ll have the products featured in our blog and on sale as soon as they’re available.

Double Rewards On Rawlings Equipment

Friday, May 1st, 2009

From now through June 30th, receive double RampageBucks cashback rewards on any Rawlings baseball equipment purchase. Choose from a wide selection including Rawlings gloves, bats, bags, and more.

No coupon or discount codes needed. Simply place your order and you’ll earn 10% cashback on your Rawlings purchase. Start shopping Rawlings gear now!

2009 Baseball Equipment Series – Part 1

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Beginning today, Baseball Rampage will begin our 2009 Baseball Product Overview Series. We’ll be posting a few times per week with product updates, new product lines, detailed information about specific manufacturers or products, and other information about baseball equipment carried by Baseball Rampage.

Our goal is to provide more information about each manufacturer’s gear so you can make the right product choice for the 2009 season. Any questions about the products/manufacturers reviewed in the series can be left in the comments section and we’ll get to them as soon as we can. Here’s Part 1 of the series:

Rawlings Baseball Gloves

Synonymous with defense, Rawlings gloves are some of the most popular baseball gloves on the market today. Rawlings has sponsored the Rawlings Gold Glove Award for excellence in the field in Major League Baseball for over 50 years.

At Baseball Rampage, Rawlings has proven time and again to be one of our best selling manufacturers of baseball gloves. We carry more Rawlings gloves than any other manufacturer in the world including gloves for infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers mitts.

Rawlings makes a wide selection of gloves in varying sizes and price ranges. Their premium line of gloves branded, Primo Baseball Gloves, are the absolute best glove you’ll find on the market made from fine Italian leather, hand sewn welting, and other benefits that make this glove the Rolls Royce of ball gloves.

If the Primo doesn’t fit your budget, Rawlings has several pricing levels to match any need from their beginner Sand-Lot Series and Gold Glove Series, to the Pro Preferred or Heart of the Hide Series that is just a notch below the Primo line.

When it comes to bang for your buck, Rawlings gloves have just about everything for any type of player and budget.

Cream of the Crop: The Best Baseball Gloves

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

I am a glove fanatic, and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity of placing every single glove listed on Baseball Rampage on my hand. I take my time and note all of the little details and note how the glove feels and what attributes I like or dislike. A good baseball glove is like a work of art, and you can tell a good glove just by putting it on your hand. Most of our manufacturers carry a high-end or pro style baseball glove. I have always been a Rawlings man, but after having the opportunity to try out other manufacturers such as Mizuno, Wilson, Nokona, Louisville Slugger, and Easton, I have realized that each have different attributes. I am very impressed with what they offer and realize you can’t go wrong with one or the other, which makes choosing a glove very difficult. Hopefully an evaluation of the elite gloves we carry at Baseball Rampage will help out in that decision.

Rawling’s Gloves - Since 1887 Rawlings has been the leading glove manufacturer in baseball. They just recently came out with the ultra-elite Primo ball glove and continue to produce some of the best gloves available.

Rawlings Primo baseball GlovesPrimo Baseball Gloves – Immediately catches your eye, the dark, rich leather is beautiful. Put one on your hand and you will wish you had one, that is if you can get by the price tag. These gloves are made with hand crafted Italian leather and flawlessly assembled and truly are the Mercedes Benz of all baseball gloves.

Rawlings Pro Preferred baseball glovesRawlings Pro Preferred – The Pro Preferred comes in several options, the two-tone and one tone black or tan. These gloves are made with soft leather but are left stiff so a player can break it in how they would like. Once broken in these glove will keep their rigidness where needed but break in exactly to how the hand wants. I had one of these gloves for eight years until left at (of all things) at a softball game by a friend. I felt like I lost a friend that day and still think of that glove in mourning.

Rawlings Gold GlovesRawlings Gold Gloves – The Gold Glove has been Rawlings signature glove for many years. This model has been refurbished this year yet has kept the classics around as well. The new Gold Glove models have a Dual Core adding position specific key break-in points on the gloves. These gloves are softer than the original models and will become “game ready” quicker. The new Dual Core models feel great on the hand and are an excellent option for a player looking for a high-end glove that needs to get it broken in quickly.

WilsonBaseball Gloves carries the A2K, and the A2000. For over fifty years these gloves have been in the hands of many pro ball players and continue to produce two of the most popular models on the market.

Wilson A2K baseball glovesWilson A2K Gloves – This glove fits around your fingers like you are sticking your hand into memory foam, and still has a solid and tight fit. I love gloves that fit snug on your hand and the A2K does more than any other glove out there. The leather is softer than the other high-end gloves and can be more easily broken in. This is an amazing glove and I would suggest the A2K for any ball player.

Wilson A2000 Baseball GlovesWilson A2000 Baseball Gloves – The A2000 has been around for over 50yrs! This is the glove that older guys tell stories of having an A2000 for 20-30 years and still using it. The glove is tough and lasts. It has the same fit as the A2K but the leather isn’t as soft and just a bit stiffer. For the price, you are getting an excellent glove and one that you know will last.

Nokona Gloves an American legend has bounced back from a devastating fire that destroyed their warehouse and everything inside. With loyal employees and hard work they have re-built and continue hand making every glove once again. Nokona added to their extensive collection of gloves with two new lines the Bloodline, and Kimera.

Nokona Bloodline baseball glovesNokona Bloodline Baseball Gloves – Nokona’s new top-of-the-line addition that will be incredibly successful. This glove has baseball enthusiast foaming at the mouth. It’s hard to explain how this glove feels, in my opinion it feels better on the hand than any other glove I have experienced. The glove is incredible looking and soft but rigid where it needs to be. The Bloodline gloves can be broken in quickly so anyone looking to get this glove but are worried it won’t be broken in for the season don’t have anything to worry about.

Instead of listing all of the models Nokona carries I am going to go through the type of leather they carry. Nokona has become famous for the different types of leather they integrate into their gloves. Nokona uses cowhide, buffalo, and kangaroo to make the most unique gloves available. Their cowhide is tough and durable, they use the cowhide for the core of their gloves and implement the buffalo and Kangaroo in the areas where the leather needs to bend and crease. The buffalo leather is incredibly light and somewhat flexible. With these characteristics it is surprising that it is still very strong. The Kangaroo has the same characteristics and is used in the same way.

Last note: I have never known anyone who has owned a Nokona to ever switch to another brand of glove. They have a loyal following and continue to be the only handmade and American made glove available.

Get a Free Pair Of Rawlings Batting Gloves with Purchase over $50

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Rawlings BGP355 Batting GlovesWhile supplies last you can get a free pair of Rawlings batting gloves when you purchase any Rawlings product over $50 at Baseball Rampage. The offer is for a free pair of Rawlings BGP355 batting gloves. These batting gloves are very high quality and retail for $15! If you need any baseball gear, check out this deal at

This offer will run until 12/31/08 or while supplies last.

Rawlings Gold Glove Series – Great Gloves, Affordable Prices

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Rawlings GG601BEveryone would love to have a $400 glove, but the reality is that we all can’t afford them. I bought a Rawlings Gold Glove series Trapeze Outfield glove this year, and it really is a steal.

This glove broke in very easily. I worked it in for a few weeks with some glove oil and a baseball, and it was just about ready to go. After a few games it felt like my favorite old mitt. The leather is not the finest, but it is still high quality. It feels like glove that costs twice as much. I am extremely happy with this glove and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality glove at an affordable price. You can get this one or others in the line at Baseball Rampage for only $89.99. Check out the Rawlings GG601B.

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