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2010 MLB Playoffs – Major League Baseball Bats

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

The 2010 MLB playoffs are finally here with many great matchups. The 2010 Major League Baseball season was one of the most exciting we’ve seen in a while with pitching dominating for the first time in many years. For the playoffs, Baseball Rampage has done some research to find which baseball bats and manufacturers some of this year’s teams biggest stars are using. Let the games begin:

Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Reds: Jay Bruce appears to be using Old Hickory Bats. Possible 2010 NL MVP Joey Votto currently uses Louisville Slugger baseball bats.
Phillies: Former MVP Shortstop Jimmy Rollins currently uses Max Bats. Slugger Ryan Howard uses bats made by Marucci Sports.

San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves

Giants: Buster Posey was difficult to find but we think he’s using Louisville Slugger bats. Aubrey Huff currently uses Carolina Clubs.
Braves: Jason Heyward used to use Rawlings but appears to have switched to Marucci Sports. Catcher Brian McCann is using Marucci Sports baseball bats.

New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers

Yankees: Future Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter uses Louisville Slugger. Alex Rodriguez, ARod, also uses Louisville Slugger.
Rangers: Josh Hamilton appears to be healthy and ready to go in the playoffs with his Rawlings made bats. Vladimir Guerrero uses X Bat made by Tuff Bats.

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Minnesota Twins

Rays: Carl Crawford and superstar Evan Longoria both use Louisville Slugger bats.
Twins: Joe Mauer uses Marucci Sports ball bats. Justin Morneau appears to be missing the playoffs but uses BWP Bats.

We’re geared up for an exciting 2010 MLB playoff so be sure to watch every round. If you see a mistake above, or know which bats, gloves, or other gear this year’s playoff pros are using, please post them in the comments section.

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