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How Does A Pitching Machine Work

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The invention of the baseball/softball pitching machine has saved the arms of hundreds of thousands of pitching coaches around the nation. With the ability to adjust speeds along with the types of pitches and various other capabilities, pitching machines can now deliver batting practice to a full team without giving up their ability to improve their hitting skills.

The real question is how does a pitching machine really work? The answer to that question depends on what type of machine you’ve purchased. You can get versions including the scoop pitching machine, wheel pitching machine, and cannon pitching machine.

Each type of machine has positive and negative features and it will normally depend on the user which features they need the most to decide which to purchase. Check out the baseball pitching machine reviews online at Baseball Rampage or visit the softball pitching machine reviews at Softball Rampage to see what people think about various machines on the market.

Jugs Softball Pitching Machine

A scoop machine will use pulleys and hydraulics to propel a pitching machine ball toward the batter. The swinging scoop is very close to a pitchers arm motion. Most scoop machines can be pre-programmed for speed, pitch count, and height. Scoop machines are becoming less common as other technologies have become more prevalent in the space.

A wheel machine uses hydraulics and two wheels to propel the ball toward the hitter. Wheeled machines have also been designed to be used in some defensive drills including ground balls, pop-ups, and line drives. The flexibility of wheeled pitching machines has made them some of the most popular on the market.

Cannon machines are a third type and use a similar design as tennis ball machines. They also use hydraulics but the flexibility of cannon machines is much less than wheel machines. Speed can be designated on cannon machines with distances up to 90 feet in most cases.

Trend Sports Heater Heavy Duty Pitching Machine

You know how they work, now let’s learn more about the types of pitching machines available. Let’s discuss some of the finer points associated with them.

The majority of machines on the market have been designed to use electricity. While most city parks will have readily available electricity, quite a few rural parks may not which is why some battery operated machines are now available. Battery operated machines are normally smaller and may lack the features of electric powered machines.

Loading your pitching machine will vary on the model. Some offer automatic loading while others require hand loading – which should be combined with a net or screen to protect the person loading the pitching machines balls. Unless you’re operating a batting cage, you’ll most likely have to hand load your auto feeder machines as well.

Pitching machine balls come in all types and sizes. Before buying machine balls, be sure to know what type your machine can accept. Machines can use regular size baseball, smaller size balls for training, or softball pitching machine balls. Always know what type can be used by your machine to prevent damage or injury.

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