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Harmon Killebrew Passes Away At 74

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 baseball lost one of its greatest players to ever live, Harmon Killebrew. The great Harmon Killebrew was known as one of the great sluggers and an ultimate gentleman. He hit 573 home runs during his 22-year career, and when he fell to 11th he really didn’t mind the fact that he no longer was the greatest right-handed hitting home run hitter in history. When he retired he was ranked fifth on the all-time list and held that spot for 26 years.

He will be sadly missed by all baseball fans alike. Fans who he practiced signing his autograph for just so every letter would be perfect and legible.

“He took pride in his signature,” John Boggs said. “There was beauty and perfection in it. You could read every letter.”

Twins right fielder Michael Cuddyer said, “I didn’t know him as a baseball player, but I’ve known him as a human being, and he’s as genuine as anyone I’ve ever met. He’s probably the top three people I’ve ever met in my life. Definitely three most influential, next to my parents. … He’s going to be in a better place …and be held in just as high of regard in next life as he is right now.”

Read more about Harmon Killebrew here: StarTribune,, and USA Today

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