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Evoshield Now At Baseball Rampage

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Baseball Rampage is pleased to announce the arrival of Evoshield baseball protection equipment. Evoshield has developed leading protective gear using patented technology which custom molds product for a perfect fit. They’re so comfortable, you or your child won’t even know your wearing it.

Evoshield baseball has a wide selection of products to protect your arms, legs, shins, wrists, chest, and back. Check out some of the best baseball protective gear now at Baseball Rampage:

Evoshield Batters Elbow Guard

A comfortable protective device when batting, the Evoshield batters elbow guard protects from hit pitches while not impeding your ability to swing the bat to the best of your ability.

Evoshield Batters Elbow Guard

Evoshield Batters Leg Guard

The batters leg guard helps protect from wild pitches and foul balls. Full extension from the mid-shin to the top of the toes.

Batters Leg Guard

Evoshield Wrist Guard

One of the more popular baseball protective equipment made by Evoshield, the wrist guard is highly flexible and adds a level of comfort as if you’re not wearing protective gear at all.

Wrist Guard

Looking for protective softball gear? Check out Softball Rampage for a wide range of Evoshield softball protective gear.

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