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Bryce Harper Can See In HD

Friday, May 13th, 2011

As reported on the Washington Post by Dave Sheinin, Bryce Harper, catcher for the Hagerstown Suns, recently switched to contact lenses. Normally this wouldn’t be such a huge deal but since the switch Harper’s game has seriously improved and he’s giving all the credit to his new HD vision. He was recently seen by Washington Nationals’ team optometrist, and was told he was blind as a bat, and wondered how he hit the ball before.

Since being fitted with the new contacts, Harper’s batting went from .231 to hitting a singled, doubled, home-run and drove in six runs all in one night.

“It was like I was seeing in HD,” Harper said, who is now hitting .480.

Harper went on to say that he knew he needed contacts in college, “But I tried them for a while in high school, and they gave me headaches really bad. So I just got by without them. But these are a new kind of lenses, and they really help. The difference in vision is huge.”

So there you have it, contact lenses have come a long way and with the advanced technology such as more oxygen to the eye and better moisture, contact are definitely a viable option for anyone. Even if you are the number one pick in baseball.

Read the full article from the Washington Post by Dave Sheinin here: Bryce Harper’s Switch to Contact Lenses Has Him Laying Waste to South Atlantic League Pitching, then go get your eye exam, buy contact lenses, and watch your hitting explode.

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