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New Bats Are Praised By MLB Scouts

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Everyone is currently raving about college baseball’s new metal bats. The game time is actually quicker and run totals are lower. However, were you aware that the biggest fans of the new metal bats are the scouts of Major League Baseball.

There has been talk from talent scouts that the game is now reflecting “true” baseball for the first time in a long time, making their jobs a little easier when the MLB’s draft gets closer in June. The new metal bats make it no longer a struggle to figure out which player is the true power hitter.

However, there are still people who like the new metal bats but say they aren’t perfect. Jim Fleming, the Florida Marlins’ vice president for player development and scouting, said the new bats were a huge improvement, but also thought college baseball should just switch to using wood bats.

“We use wood — so anything other than wood isn’t a completely accurate representation,” Fleming said. “That being said, the new college bats are much better. It’s much more accurate. It’s more of a true, clean game.”

It’s not just power hitters who are now easier to evaluate, but you could say the new bats have changed the way scouts look at college baseball all together. From pitching to contact, and smaller players stealing more bases, executing hit-and-runs and bunts, are all skills scouts are looking to see from players who can’t produce big power numbers at the professional level.

What are your thoughts? Should college baseball just switch to all wood bats? Have you tried the new metal baseball bats? Which is the best college bat? Do you think they are improving the game of college baseball?

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