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2009 Baseball Equipment Series – Baseball Cleats and Clothing

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

The 2009 equipment series continues with our coverage of a couple categories. While bats and gloves get all the hype, baseball Cleats and clothing are essential pieces of a ball players arsenal when trying to perform at maximum potential.

Baseball Cleats -

The right type of shoes is a must for any baseball player looking to perform their best. Cleats come in a variety of sizes, styles, and formats which can make it difficult to choose the right one for you. First of all, always make sure you’re buying baseball shoes. Baseball cleats have a spike in front that isn’t found on soccer and other types of shoes. This spike can help ball players get a jump-start on a ball in the outfield or get that much needed quick take-off when stealing a base.

Baseball shoes come in many styles including metal, molded, youth/adult, and trainers. Cleats come in molded or metal with several different benefits with each. Metal provides better traction because it digs into the dirt or turf while molded doesn’t quite get the same type of grip. Due to the some league rules, and safety, molded cleats were developed to prevent injuries. Always check with your league prior to purchase to ensure you’re buying an approved cleat.

Baseball Clothing -

Besides your league issues uniform, some additional apparel items are often overlooked when preparing for the baseball season. Baseball Rampage offers a wide range of these important safety and performance clothes including sliding shorts, warming sleeve, base layer shirts/pants, and heart/kidney protectors. Sliding shorts are a must have item for any baseball player. They’re worn under the uniform with a type fit, padding, and moisture control to prevent bruising, scrapes, and injuries from sliding or diving in the field.

Especially important for pitchers, warming sleeve’s do exactly what they say, keep your muscles warm and help improves recovery time. Base layer, form-fitting shirts are also a must. With baseball shirts designed for cold or warm weather, these clothes soak up moisture and provide comfort no matter the temperature. Heart/Kidney protection is especially important for younger players and provides the extra padding needed to absorb hot shots or mis-thrown pitches.

When getting ready for the 2009 season, make sure to take a look at these two under-rated categories that can help improve your game and keep you safe.

2009 Baseball Equipment Series – Part 1

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Beginning today, Baseball Rampage will begin our 2009 Baseball Product Overview Series. We’ll be posting a few times per week with product updates, new product lines, detailed information about specific manufacturers or products, and other information about baseball equipment carried by Baseball Rampage.

Our goal is to provide more information about each manufacturer’s gear so you can make the right product choice for the 2009 season. Any questions about the products/manufacturers reviewed in the series can be left in the comments section and we’ll get to them as soon as we can. Here’s Part 1 of the series:

Rawlings Baseball Gloves

Synonymous with defense, Rawlings gloves are some of the most popular baseball gloves on the market today. Rawlings has sponsored the Rawlings Gold Glove Award for excellence in the field in Major League Baseball for over 50 years.

At Baseball Rampage, Rawlings has proven time and again to be one of our best selling manufacturers of baseball gloves. We carry more Rawlings gloves than any other manufacturer in the world including gloves for infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers mitts.

Rawlings makes a wide selection of gloves in varying sizes and price ranges. Their premium line of gloves branded, Primo Baseball Gloves, are the absolute best glove you’ll find on the market made from fine Italian leather, hand sewn welting, and other benefits that make this glove the Rolls Royce of ball gloves.

If the Primo doesn’t fit your budget, Rawlings has several pricing levels to match any need from their beginner Sand-Lot Series and Gold Glove Series, to the Pro Preferred or Heart of the Hide Series that is just a notch below the Primo line.

When it comes to bang for your buck, Rawlings gloves have just about everything for any type of player and budget.

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