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NCAA Decertifies 33 in MARUCCI CAT52 BBCOR Bat

Baseball Rampage has been informed by Marucci Sports that the NCAA has de-certified the 33-inch Marucci CAT52 BBCOR Bat. Effective immediately, the 33 inch/30 oz CAT52 will not be allowed for use in NCAA baseball competition. All other sizes of this bat are still legal. The de-certification is currently only in effect in the NCAA, but Marucci expects the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) to de-certify the 33-inch CAT52 BBCOR Bat soon.

Marucci is offering an exchange program, but requires consumers go directly through them. They will not allow retailers to handle exchanges for this bat unless the plastic has not been removed and the bat is in brand new condition. Please refer to Marucci’s Exchange Program for return instructions. Bats must be returned to Marucci by March 31, 2012 to receive a replacement. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Q: Will Marucci replace my 33×30 CAT52 BBCOR?
A: Yes. Marucci stands behind their products and will replace your 33×30 CAT52 BBCOR with another Marucci bat.

Q: What are my options in replacing my bat?
A: You have four options to choose from:

Marucci will replace your 33″ Cat52 BBCOR with the newest 33″ Marucci BBCOR bat that will be available in March.
Marucci will replace your 33″ CAT52 BBCOR with a 34″ CAT52 BBCOR today.
You may upgrade to the 33″ Marucci Black today for $100.00.
You may choose to receive two (2) Professional-Cut Wood Bats.
A Professional-Cut wood bat is manufactured with pro-quality wood but did not meet the stringent Marucci standard for sending to a big leaguer. The bats are not model specific and will come in natural or black. Marucci will fill orders as supplies last and according to availability.

Q: How do I return my CAT52 BBCOR bat?
A: Follow these steps:

Fill out a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. You may do this online at
Return your 33-inch CAT52 BBCOR, along with your RMA form and proof of purchase, to the address listed on the RMA form.

Q: When can I expect to receive my replacement bat?
A: We will process returns in the order that they are received and anticipate sending out the first replacement bats in March. For those opting to upgrade to the Marucci Black or choosing the Pro-Cuts bats, we can begin fulfilling returns immediately.

Q: Why was the 33-inch CAT52 banned?
A: A very small sample of three bats was tested and those results were assumed to apply to the thousands of bats in the field.

Q: Does this affect the Marucci Black or the other sizes of the Marucci CAT52?
A: No.

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One Response to “NCAA Decertifies 33 in MARUCCI CAT52 BBCOR Bat”

  1. WOW Says:

    So in sum, they are saying –

    Your bat is no good, you pay to ship it back and

    a) wait for another bat,
    b) get a bat to big for you to use
    c) pay another 100 bucks for a bat you did not want in the first place, or
    d) get two wooden bats, which are called pro but did not meet the stringent standard for sending to a big leaguer, thus in short, seconds.

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