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2009 Baseball Equipment Series – Batting Helmets and Protective Gear

Always under looked, the 2009 equipment series takes a detailed view of batting helmets and other protective baseball equipment.

Batting Helmet -

Besides the extremely important cup, batting helmets are the most important protective gear a ball player needs. Helmets protect against arrant fastballs or foul balls that can do serious damage. Most youth leagues require a facemask requirement on helmets as well to prevent major injuries to the face. Helmets don’t have to hinder playing abilities though.

Rawlings, Wilson, Easton, and other helmet manufacturers have developed technology to increasing cooling as with the Rawlings Coolflo helmet line. They’ve also added a more sleek design to increase comfort levels.

Baseball Protective Gear -

Various forms of baseball protective equipment are also a must in the field; especially for youth ball players. Technology again has expanded the way players can protect themselves from various injuries. The baseball protective cup is an absolute must while batters shin guards, knee savers or wedges, and heart guards help stop injuries.

Heart guards are rapidly becoming a popular item to use in the field for youth leagues after several high profile incidents involving hard batted balls hitting kids in the chest. Knee Savers by Easton and Diamond are a great way to save catchers knees from wear and tear. Batters shin guards not only protect the legs from fouls and bad pitches but also add an imposing look at the plate.

Improve your play while staying safe with a variety of baseball protective equipment.

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