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Rice Gets into The Hall on Last Try

Jim Rice

Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame as the 2009 class. For Jim Rice it was his last chance, his 15th year of hoping, that become the magical one.  “Rice received 412 votes, good for 76.4 percent. Certainly not an overwhelming number, especially compared to fellow inductee Rickey Henderson’s 511 votes (94.8 percent), but good enough to get in,” wrote Mike Sullivan.

Rice was known for his power and keen batting eye, and hit his 382 homers not with brute strength and performance enhancing drugs, but with a quick bat. He smacked 1451 RBIs to add to his case, but along the way became known for his bad relationship with Boston sportswriters. These are some of the very writers that kept him from being inducted for 14 years.

Henderson was an energizing player. He is regarded as probably the most productive lead-off hitter of all time, and his rare combination of raw speed and power helped him amass 3055 hits, 297 home-runs, and 1406 stolen bases.He also has 2 championship rings on his hand, from stints with the Oakland Athletics and the Toronto Blue Jays. His 20 career spanned many events in baseball, and he helped change the game.

Bert Blyleven was shut out of the Hall again, and was not shy when asked how he felt about this. He vented to a reporter on ESPN saying something along the lines of, it stinks, and of course I’m upset. He feels that his numbers speak for him, and that it should not be a character contest. I say stop your crying. If I was a writer who voted for the Hall and you went on television whining about not being elected, I would never, NEVER, vote for you. Be a man. If you get in great. If not, the I guess you didn’t do enough.

The Hall of Fame should never be expected by anyone, and if you get in it should be an honor. I think Rice and Henderson are deserving. If I were Blyleven I would stay off TV. I guarantee that others share my opinion and his moaning could be the final straw that keeps him out of the Hall.

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