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Softball Cheers and Chants

Softball cheers are a time honored tradition in girls fastpitch softball. No matter where you’re located, passing a softball field will almost certainly invoke the chants and sounds of girls cheering for hitters, fielders, pitchers, and many other softball related actions.

A good cheer can rally a team from behind or help keep things loose when things aren’t going their way. We’ve found several of our favorite, funny softball cheers and have posted them here for your enjoyment.

We don’t play with barbie dolls,
We just play with bats and balls,
We dont wear no minny skirts,
We just wear pants and t-shirts,
We dont drink no lemonade,
We just drink our powerade,
So if I were you, I’d scoot your booty back,
But I’m not you so I’d stay where you’re at

Welcome to the cemetary (repeat twice),
Where the (Say Team Name) is gonna get buried (repeat twice),
6 feet wide and 7 feet under (repeat twice),
When we hit we hit like thunder (repeat twice),
When we run we run like lighting (repeat twice),
That’s what makes our team so frightening. (repeat twice)

Now that you’ve seen a couple of our favorite softball cheers, post your good, funny, cool, and new softball cheers below. While not as common in slow pitch softball, feel free to post your slowpitch softball cheers and chants as well.

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13 Responses to “Softball Cheers and Chants”

  1. Alexis Says:

    i had a rubber ducky!
    yeah yeah!
    and his name was

  2. Haley Says:

    There was a little froggy, who sat uppon a log. He cheered for the other team and had no sense at all. He fell into the water, and bumped his little head, and when he came back up again this is what he said, he said go go go go you mighty (team name). Fight fight fight fight you mighty (team name). Win win win win you mighty (team name). GO FIGHT WIN, UNTIL THE VERY END- AND ON AND ON AGAIN!

  3. Kayla Says:

    ice cream, ice cream, bannana split, we think your team plays like, shift it to the left shift it to the right, come on (teams name) fight, fight, fight!!!!!

  4. Nicole Says:

    My Name is (your name) and you know what I got?(team members)-what do you got?I got a team that is hotter than hot!(team members)-how hot is that?Grandslams and homeruns to!(team members)uh huh huh.We’re “gonna” beat the woopsies out of you!(team members)-alright OK!

  5. MADI GOFF Says:

    h-i-t the ball r-i-p the ball hit the ball rip the ball go go go

  6. celi Says:

    hey you at(whatever base) shake what your momma gave you
    (they shake)her momma gave her eveything

  7. savanna Says:

    (name)is her name and softball is a game shes got homerun on her ming and oo she lookin fine

  8. diamond Says:

    [someones name] is a friend of mine rip rip rip with the bat in her hand all the way disneyland

  9. Lys Says:

    Itty bitty (batters name) (team repeats)

    Rip one up the alley (repeat)

    Boogie around the bases (repeat)

    Slide in their faces! (repeat)

    Holy cow, what a foul, moove it over. Moove it over. (repeat)

    Holy chicken keep on hittin bock bock bock (repeat)

    Hey pitcher look at me.. Im a monkey in a tree!
    Hey pitcher look at us… We’re all monkeys on a bus!

    (Batter batter), youre the one! (2x)
    So hit that ball and run run run! (2x)
    Around the bases you shall go(2x)
    First, second, third then home!(2x)
    (repeat the whole thing)

  10. Glitter Says:

    (Name) is her number
    (Softballnumber) is her name
    Even know were mixd up were gonna win this game

  11. Glitter Says:

    (Name) is her number
    (Number) is her name
    Even know were mixed up were gonna win this game

  12. star Says:

    neenr neenr neenr oscar got a weiner with kechup and mustard and don’t forget the cheese bacon cheddar cause we are better make it hot beacause your not to make you wish you where better than this WHAT

  13. softball lover Says:

    (Name) is a friend of mine
    she can rip it anytime
    rip nananana rip it nananana
    put a bat in her hand she can rip it yes she can
    rip nananana rip it nananana

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