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Softball Team Names

Naming your softball team can be the start of a successful year. From “Bulldogs” to “Honeybees” to “Rampagers”, your team name sets the attitude for the entire season.

Softball Rampage wants to find the most clever, funny, cool, and down right best names for slow pitch and fastpitch softball teams and we’re giving away $200 in RampageBucks Rewards for your help.

We think the collective brainpower of Softball Rampage fans will fire off some names even a softball team name generator wouldn’t come up with. Here are the rules:

1. Post suggested team names in the comments section of this blog. Names can be your current team name or something funny, clever, or witty. Names can be for fastpitch or slow pitch teams for men, women, girls, or boys.

2. Include a real email in the mail section so we can contact you should you win. **Softball Rampage will not contact the email for any reason other than the processing of this contest.

3. On June 1st, 2010, Softball Rampage will select the best team name based on creativity, uniqueness, and awesomeness.

That’s it. Follow those simple steps and you can win $200 in RampageBucks to be redeemed at Softball Rampage. Start posting your team names now!

**Must be 18 to enter or have permission from a parent or guardian. Softball Rampage must approve names prior to going live on the blog. Names deemed to be vulgar or obscene in Softball Rampage’s sole discretion will be rejected. No purchase necessary to enter. Giveaway ends May 31st, 2010.

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49 Responses to “Softball Team Names”

  1. SoftballFever Says:

    Cleveland Crushers

  2. JHB Says:


  3. CJT Says:


  4. Vic Says:

    French Toast Mafia

  5. Bill Benjamin Says:

    Bench Warmers

  6. Shayne Says:

    Constipated Gophers

  7. Big Rig Says:

    The Son’s of Pitches

  8. Jamie Harrison Says:

    Booze on First

  9. madison Says:

    Bunt Cakes :)

  10. Tony Vahl Says:


  11. Howard Giske Says:

    I think of neighborhoods in the Bronx. How about the Riverdale Rogues, or the Kingsbridge Kickers, I like that.

  12. SweetMummy Says:

    The Goof Balls
    Always Down by One
    Who What When and Co.

    is more than 1 guess allowed? LOL! Guess I should stop! Good Luck with the names. These crack me up. Great job so far!!

  13. Kelli Fowler Says:

    For an adult co-ed softball team: “Swillers & Chillers”

  14. Kelli Fowler Says:

    Or a play on the movie “The Longest Yard” — “Texas Allenville Penitentary Sluggers”

  15. Brian Halvorson Says:

    1. Honey Nut Ichiros
    2. Long Balls
    3. I’d Hit It
    4. I scored
    5. Masterbatters
    6. The Swinging Richards
    7. Multiple Scoregasms
    8. One Hit Wonders
    9. The Wild Swingers

  16. The Midnight Writer Says:

    I came up with a few like “Ernie’s Bears” or “Appalachian Gazelles” or the “Rocky Cliff Hangers” or “Curve Ball Sluggers”.

  17. kalls004 Says:

    Inglorious Batters

  18. Mike S aka Mcgruber Says:

    What about Mcgrubber’s Maulers. We are awesome. We hit everything, even balls outside the strike zone. That is how good we are.

  19. Roberta White Says:


  20. Dave Owens Says:

    Foul Fish…………….Running the line and hook sliding!

  21. momoftwingirls Says:

    Here are some names:
    1. A’latte O Pitches
    2. Twice As Many Homers
    3. The HomeRunners
    4. Signs of Glory
    5. Batters Knock’em Out

  22. jesse Says:


  23. Anna Savage Says:

    The Purple Dinosaurs

  24. Anna Savage Says:

    The Glittering Unicorns

  25. Dan Rodriguez Says:

    Here are a few slow pitch teams I play on:

    1. Below Average Joes
    2. Knotty Stixxx
    3. Big Stixxx

  26. allyssa Says:

    im 12 yrs old and my team name is, ”insanity” but i like the team name,” money in the bag”

  27. Donna Mortland Says:

    1. “BUSTIN” Bustin ours, so we can kick your (picture of softball)
    2. Batterflies (for young softball players. lil girls)
    3. Super Sluggers Team uniform look like superman or superwoman uniform

  28. Donna Mortland Says:

    1.Batter Babes
    2. go BIG or go Home. team name BIG

  29. brandon ross Says:

    Playing under the influence ……..

  30. Kayla Says:

    “Shockers” “Strikers”

  31. oscar reyes stewart Says:


  32. mr ed Says:

    Winner Buys Beer!

  33. Chris Says:

    How bout the One Swing Ding A Lings

  34. Matt Says:

    crotch moss
    balls deep

  35. Shawn Says:

    1. Sabre Rattlers
    2. One Hit Wonders
    3. Legalistic Anarchists
    4. Purple Pansies
    5. Foul Ballz
    6. Dugout Demons
    7. Daisy Dukes

  36. Dan Martel Says:

    Strikeout beer

  37. holly hall Says:

    im 13 and i have played every level i can, i have been asked to play for showcase teams, so i have alot of team names and my favorite out of all was, alcoballics

  38. Dawn Says:

    Screw Balls
    Awe Hit
    Hit Howdy
    Dumb Hits
    Hit for Brains
    Spoil Sports
    Shanks & Skanks
    For Hits & giggles
    Holy Pokes! or Holy Smokes!
    To Infinity
    Bad News Beavers
    That’s an Out (for each additional home run)
    2 for me, none for you
    Triple Trouble
    Dodging Balls

  39. Gilbert Guerrero Says:

    We got the runs.

  40. billy Says:


  41. Taylor Smith Says:

    Cloud Niners
    Killer Kleats

  42. Becca Says:


  43. Tiare Says:

    My Coed team name is Sinners & Saints
    mens league is CBJ (Comic Book Junkies) and Lites Out

  44. mark geaux Says:

    1. Bad intentions
    2. Nasty Boys
    3. Hazmat Suitors
    4. no glove, no love

  45. Pinoy Gigs Says:

    Pitch I think that was a movie..haha

  46. tony Says:

    kings of crash
    balls deep
    murderers row
    kegs and legs

  47. Ian Fisher Says:


  48. baseballshop/admin Says:

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    sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back
    down the road. Cheers

  49. Chloe Owen Says:


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