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Taking Care of Your Baseball Glove

Taking care of your glove is important at all levels and there are some important facts to know when it comes to taking care of your glove and making it last. Leather is similar to your own skin, so treat it like you would your own. There are all kinds of crazy ways you’ll hear about how to break in your glove. Don’t put a baseball glove in the oven, and don’t run over it with your car.

The first step is to soften your leather, any number of oils, creams, and foams will do the job. Most pros prefer Neatsfoot oil, but no matter what you use don’t over do it. Nokona Leather Treatment is an outstanding leather conditioner that will protect and help break in your glove.

The next step is to form the pocket. The key to this is stick a ball in there, wrap it up, and let it sit for a couple of days. Patience and dedication is important when it comes to a new glove, so get out there play some catch, take some grounders and slowly work your glove in and make it your own for years to come.

Oh yeah, and don’t be the kid to leave it in your dugout after the game!

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