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Unleash Your Swing With The Zepp Swing Tracking System

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The Zepp Swing Tracking System is one of the coolest innovations baseball and softball have seen in quite some time. With a little sensor attached to the end of your bat and the help of bluetooth technology, within minutes, you can begin analyzing all aspects of your swing including bat speed, angle, hand speed and more. You can even compare your swing to your favorite pros, including Mike Trout, David Ortiz, Jennie Finch and more. Learn more about the Zepp Swing System now to gain that extra edge over your competition.

All-Star’s CM100TM 27 Inch Undersized Catcher’s Training Mitt

Friday, April 25th, 2014

Check out a video our friends at All-Star Sports released on the All-Star CM100TM 27 Inch Undersized Catcher’s Training Mitt. This All-Star catcher’s mitt is guaranteed to improve your hand-eye coordination and the precise technique it takes to play catcher.

Buy the CM100TM 27 Inch Catcher’s Mitt at Baseball Rampage!

Watch Miami’s Kyle Skipworth train with All-Star’s Undersized Catcher’s Training Mitt:

Baseball Spring Training

Friday, March 9th, 2012

There is nothing more exciting than spring training to start the baseball season. Did you know that spring training is almost as old as baseball itself? It first took place in 1870, when the Cincinnati Red Stockings and the Chicago White Stockings held organized baseball camps in New Orleans. Spring-training was finally established as a baseball ritual by 1900, with most American and National League teams heading out of town so players could train and managers could evaluate.

“People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”
—Rogers Hornsby

Increase your Baseball Hitting Power:

Infield Baseball Training Drills:

How to Stretch Your Throwing Arm:

Easton Ultimate Batting Practice

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Here are a couple videos from Easton’s YouTube Channel – eastondreamcrazy. We think they’re pretty awesome. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Summer Softball Drills

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

We receive a lot of requests about how to improve techniques and mechanics for fastpitch softball. To help out we decided to compile a list of videos to help our customers learn how to be better players and improve their game. See hitting drills to help hit more consistently. Watch pitching drills to increase speed and accuracy. Turn into a gold glove caliber player in the field with fielding drills.

Below are videos you can watch to get tips which can easily be implemented on the field or at practice. These drills are great for beginners, indoor, and are lots of fun.

Fielding Drills

Infield Drills: Ground Balls, Back Hands

Defensive Drills

Increase Pitch Speed

After you’ve improved, don’t forget to buy softball equipment online at Softball Rampage.

How Does A Pitching Machine Work

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

The invention of the baseball/softball pitching machine has saved the arms of hundreds of thousands of pitching coaches around the nation. With the ability to adjust speeds along with the types of pitches and various other capabilities, pitching machines can now deliver batting practice to a full team without giving up their ability to improve their hitting skills.

The real question is how does a pitching machine really work? The answer to that question depends on what type of machine you’ve purchased. You can get versions including the scoop pitching machine, wheel pitching machine, and cannon pitching machine.

Each type of machine has positive and negative features and it will normally depend on the user which features they need the most to decide which to purchase. Check out the baseball pitching machine reviews online at Baseball Rampage or visit the softball pitching machine reviews at Softball Rampage to see what people think about various machines on the market.

Jugs Softball Pitching Machine

A scoop machine will use pulleys and hydraulics to propel a pitching machine ball toward the batter. The swinging scoop is very close to a pitchers arm motion. Most scoop machines can be pre-programmed for speed, pitch count, and height. Scoop machines are becoming less common as other technologies have become more prevalent in the space.

A wheel machine uses hydraulics and two wheels to propel the ball toward the hitter. Wheeled machines have also been designed to be used in some defensive drills including ground balls, pop-ups, and line drives. The flexibility of wheeled pitching machines has made them some of the most popular on the market.

Cannon machines are a third type and use a similar design as tennis ball machines. They also use hydraulics but the flexibility of cannon machines is much less than wheel machines. Speed can be designated on cannon machines with distances up to 90 feet in most cases.

Trend Sports Heater Heavy Duty Pitching Machine

You know how they work, now let’s learn more about the types of pitching machines available. Let’s discuss some of the finer points associated with them.

The majority of machines on the market have been designed to use electricity. While most city parks will have readily available electricity, quite a few rural parks may not which is why some battery operated machines are now available. Battery operated machines are normally smaller and may lack the features of electric powered machines.

Loading your pitching machine will vary on the model. Some offer automatic loading while others require hand loading – which should be combined with a net or screen to protect the person loading the pitching machines balls. Unless you’re operating a batting cage, you’ll most likely have to hand load your auto feeder machines as well.

Pitching machine balls come in all types and sizes. Before buying machine balls, be sure to know what type your machine can accept. Machines can use regular size baseball, smaller size balls for training, or softball pitching machine balls. Always know what type can be used by your machine to prevent damage or injury.

Now that you know a bit more about pitching machines and how they work, don’t forget to visit Baseball Rampage for Jugs pitching machine, Trend Sports pitching machine, and softball pitching machines at Softball Rampage. Here’s the best selling machines online:

Jugs Lite Flight Pitching Machine
Jugs Softball Pitching Machine
Trend Sports Heater Jr

Buy online now and receive free shipping on select models including Rampage Sports award winning customer service.

How to Throw Faster Pitches

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Every pitcher from youth to the major leagues wants to increase the velocity of their pitches. While being able to pitch fast can be from physical gifts, there are quite a few things you can do to add several MPH’s to your fast ball.

First, mechanics are a huge part of pitching. Be sure to work with your coach to have the right mechanics from the start including having your non-throwing foot 1-2 inches in front and making sure to land perpendicular to home until right before landing. Always be sure to release the pitch when the front foot plants allowing your legs to help increase the speed of your pitch.

Outside of mechanics, there’s plenty of training points including weight lifting that will help increase the speed of your fastball. Throwing fast is about more than just the strength of your arm. Be sure to increase leg strength through weight lifting and also do core work through crunches and sit ups. Upper body weight lifting should focus on the shoulders and forearms.

Various training methods can help increase speed also. Try pitching long distances starting at 1/3 longer than the distance you would throw in a game and working up to double the pitching distance. Throw in some long toss to help build up the shoulder and back throwing motions. Depending on your age, 200-300 feet should be more than enough length.

Watch this video from eHow to learn a few more tips on increasing your pitching speed.

Now that you’ve picked up a few tips for pitching a baseball faster, check out baseball training aids and pitcher gloves at Baseball Rampage.

Baseball Batting and Hitting Drills Videos

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Baseball Rampage receives many inquiries about how customers can improve their hitting technique and mechanics. Hitting instruction though is based mostly on the individual and what makes them most comfortable at the plate. That doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some baseball hitting tips and training from articles, video’s, and other media around the internet.

Here’s a collection of some the more solid videos out there. Feel free to post your favorite baseball hitting videos in the comments section.

Baseball Stance

Baseball Batting Grip

How to Use Your Legs When Hitting

Post your videos now or shop Baseball Rampage for baseball training aids to help you improve your swing.

How To Break-In A Composite Baseball Bat

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Composite bats can make average hitters good and good hitters great. Breaking in a composite bat that can be a bit tricky for first time owners. Find out how to break-in a composite baseball bat at Baseball Rampage. After you learn a bit more about breaking in your new bat, shop Baseball Rampage for composite bats, premium baseball gloves, and other performance equipment.

Spring Equipment Series 2010

Monday, February 15th, 2010

The Major League Season starts this week with pitchers and catchers reporting to MLB spring training this Wednesday, February 17th. All other players will arrive Tuesday February 23, 2010.

Baseball Rampage will begin covering spring training 2010 with our own baseball equipment series 2010 featuring some of the most popular equipment this season including Easton bats, baseball catchers gear, wood baseball bats, and more.

Not only will we show you the best equipment on the market, we’ll also provide cheap price options and ways to earn even more rewards for the 2010 baseball season.

Baseball Rampage is the place to shop for baseball equipment this season so stay tuned to our blog for some of the best news and prices on gear.


Softball players aren’t out of luck. We’ll have a separate series running for Softball Rampage discussing new products and additions to the product lineup. We’ll also provide tips and tricks on how to improve your game whether you play slowpitch or fastpitch softball.

The series will run in tandem with the Baseball Rampage series so visit often to find out how you can save on brand new performance gear with Softball Rampage.

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